Who doesn’t love a good origin Story?!

I Am

If you haven’t guessed by now, my name is Phil Best (no dot). I am the combination of multiple success and failure stories. Living as an Empowered Man, is an evolving journey. Operating as husband, father, and an aspirer of Christ, are foundational to this journey. There are many paths to take but I’m doing life, THE BEST WAY.

How I Can Help You

Having held many positions as a successful business partner, teammate, captain, team-lead, and authority figure – I’ve gained valuable experiences both leading and following. Now I empower others to live out their best lives by using my natural talents of connecting with people and optimizing their skills, to have impact in strategic performance and execution coaching. This means I can help you reach and overachieve your most audacious goal in a repeatable way.

My Background

I love to ideate and explore anything creative. I play several instruments, write spoken word and songs, come up with business and product ideas, play multiple sports. I’m a geek by day, and a sexy baby changing machine by night.

An engineer by profession, I’ve spent nearly the last 2 decades navigating the computer engineering, networking, and cyber security realms. I also played my hand at a medical doctor career. My experience deconstructing, reconstructing, and reverse engineering has served me well by providing the frame work for analyzing client’s performance, behaviors, and ‘hacking’ their systems to achieve optimal results.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty diverse background, but a singular focus. Hopefully you can find some value here as well.

Please enjoy the ride and let’s have fun on this journey together,