A Post About Nothing

This Is A Post About Nothing…

Not nothing, nothing… but nothingness. None the less, I guess you can say “nothing” is really something. (Stay with me, I’m going somewhere)

I was actively doing nothing, and watching my life pass by. I conjured up a lot of clever thoughts. Had some great ideas. But I failed to plan and worse, failed to act!

This site looks like nothing, as an ode to the irony that I did something. Took action to advance my ideas and not my self-promotion.

The following two statements are absolutely true. Either, you are a man, or you know a man – so this is relevant for you. That being said, I welcome you to explore a passionate project: EmpowerMEN.nyc

This literally started out as a post about nothing, but clearly turned into something just because I took action and started writing.

What would happen if you acted today?

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